unpacking the crisis: un(der)employment, entrepreneurship, participation and resistance


Find in this section those webpages of social activists, entrepreneurs, organizations or initiatives that are rising awareness about issues related to un(der)employment and/or engaged with resistance activities.


Flo6x8, flamenco activists initially known for taking over banks to stage performances aiming to raise awareness on the role of the capital in financial crisis. They have also regained the use of the flamenco language as a powerful tool of resistance (http://www.flo6x8.com)

Corrala Utopia, Community of family squatters who occupied a building due to their urgent need of housing. They were either evicted or never able to access the housing market. They took over an empty building, creating a powerful sense of community and resistance with the support of the 15M movement in Sevilla. They gave a face to the housing crisis in Spain and have served as model to similar initiatives and occupations in Spain and elsewhere. Meet the neighbors: http://corralautopia.blogspot.co.uk/p/puerta-puerta.html

Enterpreneurship is a hard journey, a journey of isolation and survival. Our necessity entrepreneurs have managed to create new ideas of businesses by aligning their personal beliefs with profesionalism and sheer will. Find here some results:                  
Kenkanto Jardines: http://kenkantojardines.blogspot.com.es/
Diwap Imagen: http://www.diwapimagen.com/