unpacking the crisis: un(der)employment, entrepreneurship, participation and resistance


Entrepreneurship in times of crisis: Exploring ‘necessity’ entrepreneurs’ experiences in Ireland, UK and Spain.
Dr. Lucia García-Lorenzo, Dr. Lucia Sell-Trujillo and Dr. Paul Donnelly
Funded by the DSP LSE RIIF fund and the Santander Bank Research Mobility Scheme.

Spanish Creativity and Resistance in Times of Austerity & Crisis
Dr. Miguel Imas and Dr. Lucia Sell-Trujillo (Seville, 2013)
Funded by Kingston University & Santander Research Mobility Scheme

Alternative Organizational Forms and Social/Public Entrepreneurship
Dr. Maria Daskalaki (Kingston University), Professor Daniel Hjorth (CBS), Joanna Mair (Stanford University) and Professor Marianna Fotaki (Warwick Business School)

Identity, Careers and Unemployment in Grecee
Dr. Maria Daskalaki (Kingston University), Dr. Maria Simosi (Roehampton University) and Professor Denise Rousseau (Canergie Mellon)

Alternative Spaces/Places of Organizing: Communities and Collective Agency
Dr. Maria Daskalaki (Kingston University), Chris Land (Leicester University), Dr. George Kokkinidis, and Pablo Fernandez (EM-Lyon, France)