unpacking the crisis: un(der)employment, entrepreneurship, participation and resistance

Story-Spaces and Transformation: The Caravan Project

In Untold Stories in Organizations, Michal Izak, Linda Hitchin, David Anderson (Eds). London: Routledge.
Maria Daskalaki, Alexandra Saliba, Stratis Vogiatzis Thekla Malamou (2014)

ABSTRACT In this chapter, we discuss untold stories in relation to space and transformative creativity. We present the Caravan Project, a visual ethnographic project that gives voice to marginalized stories through film documentaries. These documentaries, when re-territorialized in diverse social contexts, produce story-spaces within which untold stories can emerge. We discuss two specific story-spaces and explain how transformative creativity transcends fixed subject positions towards polyvocal modes of becoming. In this context, we propose three properties, mobility, multiplicity and permeability that render creative story-spaces rhizomatic. Consequently, story-spaces encourage fluid, heterogeneous and volatile interactions and through that, maintain their potential to elicit untold stories.

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