unpacking the crisis: un(der)employment, entrepreneurship, participation and resistance

Re-imagining Organisation from the European Precariat: The Emerging Creative-Resistence Organisation.

CONFERENCE. 19 – 20 September, Seville University, Seville

Dr. Miguel Imas, Dr. Lucia Sell-Trujillo, Dr. Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo, Dr. Paul Donnelly,

The European financial crisis and the subsequent introduction of austerity programmes, following an imposed model of economic recovery from the IMF and the European Central Bank, have caused social and emotional meltdown in a large number of urban and rural communities. In particular, communities at the periphery of Europe have suffered the most, with some experiencing over 50% unemployment, along with the destruction of social and housing benefits, as well as a deterioration in their overall quality of life. At the same time, people have come to show an incredible resilience, résistance and creativity in response to these austerity measures, (re-)creating spontaneous, improvised and highly challenging ways of organising – from occupation of factories in Greece to buildings in Spain, from artistic interventions to alternative currencies – to express, reflect and critically question the current socio-economic system. All of these practices reflect a desire to act and enact new forms of collective participation and co-collaboration based on solidarity and other community integrative acts that can transcend the current discourses of austerity under the umbrella of economic neoliberalism.

This seminar, organised by the University of Seville and Kingston University, attempts to engage with these emerging organising activities, giving a space for an intellectual debate on these discourses and practices to challenge the current theoretical representations on how people (re-)organise, (re-) create their spaces, and enact new ways of interacting.