unpacking the crisis: un(der)employment, entrepreneurship, participation and resistance

“Les Misérables, Deuxième Partie, Insurrection and Resistance at the Heart of Entrepreneurship”

Paper presented at the 8th International Conference in Critical Management Studies
10 Jul 2013-12 Jul 2013

The University of Manchester. Manchester, United Kingdom The current crisis has created a new spirit of resisting the main business models that affect the way in which people work and generate new businesses. In particular, the neoliberal narrative of entrepreneurial wealth and innovation has been superseded (and challenged) by narratives that emphasise the resilience and resistance of communities across part of Europe. Like in the case of Argentina’s financial crisis, these communities appear to alter the way in which we understand entrepreneurship embracing critical discourses that act and enact forms of resisting the cannons of how to generate, produce and work. Here, we found new forms of entrepreneurial activities that reflect practices forgotten in Europe and which are usually associated to barefoot entrepreneurs and indigenous entrepreneurs. Thus, these epitomise a new spirit of entrepreneurship embedded in insurrection and revolt.xxxx

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